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What makes LaFata unique? Craftsmanship. Hand-crafted and infused with the Italian spirit and tradition that belongs exclusively to the LaFata family. In 1958, Peter LaFata came to America with a gift and a dream. The gift was an ingenious intuition. The dream was to combine the family's furniture making talent and modern day technology. He has succeeded. Today's LaFata cabinets are achievements in excellence. It takes various steps to make one cabinet. And at every step we have a quality checkpoint.

We begin with only premium furniture-grade wood and the finest materials. Each cabinet is carefully hand-sanded, and treated with a penetrating stain, for a flawless finish. Craftsmanship then meets technology in our flat line finish system which bakes on a durable finish, adding years to the life of your cabinetry. When you look at LaFata cabinets, you can see the craftsmanship. But you won't begin to appreciate their true value until they've been in your family for years.

If you'd like more information visit the LaFata website or call 1-800-LAFATA1. For pricing information, or more information on having LaFata cabinets installed in your home, call Fitzpatrick Kitchen & Bath at 734-654-9780.